How to Disable the Fn Key on a Laptop

The Function key allows users of a laptop used for business purposes to perform additional functions using dual-use keys. It is typically used to control hardware settings such as volume or brightness. It’s typically located on near the top of laptop keyboards and is labeled “Fn.” It can be disabled by BIOS and change dual-use keys that need “Fn” key to single-use keys.

The laptop should have advanced BIOS options to allow the “Fn” key to be removed

1. Switch on your computer. Then, press the key that will open the BIOS menu as your computer is running. The key you press varies depending on the laptop you’re using. HP laptops for instance start BIOS by pressing”F10″ “F10” key. If you do not see the boot screen and the computer is still loading Windows then you have to power down and restart.

2. Use the right arrow into”System Configuration. “System Configuration” menu.

3. Use the down Arrow to go towards”Action Key Mode. “Action Keys Mode” option.

4. Click “Enter” to switch the settings to deactivate.

5. Click “F10” to save your settings and then restart your computer.