‚I missed the opportunity to buy Bitcoin at $150, today I regret I didn’t‘ reveals CVM certified analyst

Investment analyst authorized by CVM reveals he regrets not having bought Bitcoin when he was at $150; ‚It was hard not knowing how to‘ reveals

The recent rise in the price of Bitcon that led the market’s leading cryptomeda to over US$18,000 has also revealed interesting stories about cryptoactive in Brazil.

One of them is that of TradersClub CEO, Pedro Albuquerque, who is also a Cosmos Fund manager and investment analyst certified and authorized by the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM).

In a recent video conference held by QR Capital, Albuquerque revealed that he met BTC when it was still being traded for US$150 but lost the opportunity to buy cryptomeda.

„The first time I became interested, bitcoin was at US$150, but it was difficult to buy at the time. Today, it is much easier. It was a high mastodontic (in 2017), one of the things that I lost and that marked me,“ he said.


Albuquerque, revealed that he sees Bitcoin as an evolving asset.

„Now I understand better about it and I couldn’t let it go. I went in as soon as it hit $10,000. And I still think I bought little, it beats that trader’s pain“, he added.

Albuquerque, quoting references like Paul Tudor Jones and other managers, said that bitcoin still follows a path of intense appreciation.

„You just have to see what is happening in the market. Big managers buying, many more institutional investors coming in. That’s a sign. I don’t see bitcoin stopping, it’s going to be euphoric again. I think it can beat 30% of the gold market cap,“ he said.

QR Asset

In October, QR Asset Management, QR Capital’s asset manager, launched QR BTC MAX, Brazil’s first bitcoin maximalist fund, a very common fund model abroad.

Albuquerque is an investor of one of QR BTC MAX’s U.S. equivalent, GBTC, the GrayScale fund, which has over 500,000 Bitcoins under management.

„I chose the fund for lack of time, so far I have no exchange account. I was afraid to climb out of nowhere and went for what was most convenient and easy. It was a rush, and I was right, if I was going to spend the whole process of opening an exchange account, I would have lost the discharge“, he finished.